New York-based artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s multidisciplinary work explores contemporary notions of narcissism, beauty obsession and intimacy, and society’s alienating addiction to modern technological advances and media. Her ambitious exhibitions (Plastic Perfect and Mud Pie) and installations (“Instant Gratification,” “Café,” and “Dinner For Two”) compel viewers to confront their dependency on smart phones, tablets and computers, and the impact it has on their personal relationships and perception of reality.

Her earlier works address stereotypical ideas of beauty (Power & Burden of Beauty) and the cultural norms that uphold them (Preservation of the Narcissus), as well as the emotional, psychological and societal affects on those in pursuit of surface perfection. Whether it is a sculpture, photograph, video or a massive activation, Hovnanian’s exhibitions necessitate the type of participation that finds viewers completing and becoming the work.

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